The Basics and Ways of Advertising

The Basics and Ways of Advertising

In general, advertisements can be broadcast on radio, television and the Internet.

Advertising broadcast by radio and television is an important part of advertising. Broadcast media such as radio and television have a wider audience than print media. Radio and television advertising is widely marketed as it can reach both national and international audiences.

The role of advertising is to persuade consumers about the benefits of the product. Media is a very effective part of advertising. The cost of advertising on this channel depends on the specific time of its broadcast.


Radio Advertising

A radio ad needs to be aired multiple times before it can get into consumers’ minds. So the frequency of broadcasting the ad is important.

Your target audience type is also important. Therefore, a survey should be conducted on which channels the audience is listening to if the ad is successful. The impact of sound on business should be considered according to the type of audience and the type of business.



Television advertising is usually advertising for large companies, though small businesses can also benefit from it. A strong audio and video mix is ​​essential to succeed in business. But it is also important that sound and television work well together. That is, if one does not watch television but only listens to it, one must understand the idea of ​​advertising and vice versa.

It is very important that everything that is advertised in the ads is correct. For this reason, there are organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to monitor television and radio advertising. This ensures that advertisers do not make any false claims to deceive consumers into buying their products.

Most radio and television ads have to be paid for, though there are some public service ads that can be broadcast for free. Advertisers usually have to pay for 2 seconds of advertising. But in rare cases, this value can be increased to 5 seconds.



Internet or online advertising uses the Internet or the World Wide Web to attract customers to buy their product and services. Examples of such ads include search engine page ads, rich media ads, banner ads, social media and email marketing, and more.

Online advertising has the benefits of one of which is the immediate release of commercial advertising and the availability of advertising to a global audience. But along with the benefits, it also has its disadvantages. These days, advertisers are sending flashing ads or spam messages to large-scale people. This harms consumers and even real advertising may be ignored in the process. Therefore, ethics in advertising are crucial to its success.

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