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Beautiful Design

Your app will have a beautiful, attractive and user-friendly design.

Full Features

Everything you need can be implemented in your app.

Enjoyable User Experience

Users can use your application as easily as possible.

Adherence to World Standard

All the standards and principles of the world are adhered to in the design of your app.

The Specialized AdverService Team is here to show you the true meaning of support.

Powerful Coding

Powerful coding
With Isfahan Ads your app will have a powerful kernel.

AdverService Applications Feature

If you have decided to design an app for your business development and if you have decided to cooperate with AdverService after the above, or if you still do not know why you should choose AdverService , here are some features of the app. Designed by AdverService :

  • Low Volume and Convenient

    Designing an app that has low volume and space while fast loading can take up a lot of time to download your app.

  • Dedicated Design

    Being specific and having a brand-specific app based on your organizational colors can increase your popularity.

  • High Loading Speed

    Users should be able to easily access your app pages in the shortest possible time because fast access means high user satisfaction.

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Ease of communication with customers

Keep in touch with your customers with your own branded app.

24 hour access

You will have access to your app within 24 hours.

Strong and effective branding

Experience branding with an app designed by Isfahan Advertising.

Application development and design steps

  • Evaluating and defining strategy

    Your business goals are initially assessed during a meeting. This assessment will help us determine the optimal strategy for the project based on the information available to you and your competitive market outlook.

  • Ux/Ui Design

    During this phase, designers will design your application with the UX and UI principles in order to provide the best user experience and user-centric perspective.

  • Development and programming

    During this step, the application’s features and features will be defined, as well as a secure, dedicated web panel for easy application management.

  • Quality Control

    At this point, the experts will ensure the speed, security, and performance of your app by performing various tests and troubleshooting.

  • Delivery

    After controlling the quality, you will be given the APK and IPA outputs of the desired operating system.

The Specialized AdverService Team is here to show you the true meaning of support.

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