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The Basics and Ways of Advertising

The Basics and Ways of Advertising In general, advertisements can be broadcast on radio, television and the Internet. Advertising broadcast by radio and television is an important part of advertising. Broadcast media such as radio and television have a wider audience than print media. Radio and television advertising is widely marketed as it can reach […]

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications Marketing communications is essentially a part of the marketing mix. The marketing mix defines the 4Ps of marketing and Promotion is what marketing communications is all about. It is the message your organization is going to convey to your market. You need to be very particular about different messages you are going to […]

Advertising Management

Advertising Management Advertising simply put is telling and selling the product. Advertising Management though is a complex process of employing various media to sell a product or service. This process begins quite early from the marketing research and encompasses the media campaigns that help sell the product. Without an effective advertising management process in place, the […]

Begin at the Beginning: Find Your Brand’s Most Powerful Core Story

Find Your Brand’s Most Powerful Core Story Effective marketing starts with storyfinding — knowing how to locate the core narrative that most powerfully connects a brand and its audiences. It’s always smart to begin at the beginning. You can’t tell a brand story you don’t know. Yet too many brands and agencies have no formal […]