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What is Facebook Advertising?

Advertising on Facebook as one of the most effective ways of internet advertising allows businesses to promote their own custom ads or provide content to their target audience. This is done at a variety of costs that are usually calculated based on audience access and interaction. Facebook advertising can be displayed in the News Feed section of the audience or the right column of Facebook. When you advertise on Facebook, you can gain insight into your current and potential customers. The information and data you collect through your Facebook ads can improve ad targeting for a better and more effective experience.


Why Facebook Advertising?

As you know, Facebook is one of the oldest social networks today, Facebook has over 3 billion users and if Facebook could be the country, it would be the largest country in the world.

FaceBook Ads is one of the internet marketing methods that is practiced all over the world.

If you’re in touch with overseas people and have non-Iranian customers, Facebook advertising can multiply your sales overseas.

With the features that Facebook Ads Manager offers to business executives, you can get the most feedback by adjusting Facebook AdSense settings.

One of the features that can be mentioned in Facebook’s ad settings is the ability to place your ads in the News Feed section of users. With this feature, the click and feedback rate you get is very high.

This advertising method is also known as international advertising, which is suitable for people who want to internationalize their business and export to other countries.

How To Advertise On Facebook?

And who is the right Facebook ad?

If you are planning to sell internationally and export your product, Facebook advertising is the right option for you. Why? Because when you are planning and running a Facebook ad campaign, you can target your users interests and tailor your ads so that your ad is shown to targeted users only. Let me give you an example: Suppose you want to export agricultural products such as pipes to the Gulf states.

One of the benefits you will have over your competitors is that you can showcase your business based on alley, street, city, area and user interests.

As you may know, Instagram is one of the subsidiaries of Facebook. For this reason, you can also display ads on Facebook, on Instagram, with the same budget, and double-check with one arrow.

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