The Robot Enhances the Actual Hits of Google

Software Increases Site Visits

Using real-time Google visitor enhancement software, you can improve your site and blog traffic using a variety of authentic IPs for free and have a positive impact on your site’s Alexa rank.

By downloading and using this software you can increase your site visits rather than buying different site visits.

When you run this software, you visit other sites and receive visits from over 6,000 other real users who use this software.

You can download the site enhancement software easily and completely for free and by properly utilizing it, you will increase the traffic and incoming traffic to your site and blog.

Alexa rank lower

Visitor enhancement software can improve all of the Alexa factors to increase your site rank.

Positive Impact on SEO

You can get an entry with the help of search engine and blog promotion software such as Google.

Display stats in Google Analytics

Incoming traffic and visitor statistics for your site can be viewed in full by Google Analytics.

Performance Testing Software

You can view the output of the specified views using the test software included in the Visit Incremental Software package.

Software Features Increased Hits

Portable and blog visit enhancement software is provided for free and completely free of charge and does not require installation.

This software has several parts and consists of several nested windows that use these windows, you can adjust settings such as open sub page, custom timezone, set custom link entry, viewing platform and opening hours Set up visits.

Visits with different IPs

All IPs coming to your site belong to real users who use the same visitor enhancement software as you.

Specify the duration of each IP visit

By setting a subpage for your visits, each IP will do more than one visit, which will greatly reduce your site’s Alexa rank.

Specify the viewing platform

You can specify which platform to visit (mobile or computer), operating system, or browser.

Specify visit time zone

You can specify which country to visit, for example Iran.

Specify the duration of each IP visit

You can specify the duration of each IP presence on your site, which also affects the ranking of Alexa.

step one

(1) Run the program first then make sure the robot is in normal state

(2) Then click on the add site button


Step Two

(1) Enter the address of the site in the box in the My Site section.

(2) Note that you can specify your daily traffic in the dayli traffic section.

(3) In the Time on My Site section, you can specify the minimum and maximum time to visit the site

(4) Then select the traffic source.


Step Three

(1) In the type field, select the option you want to visit

(2) Enter the word you would like to search for in the search box.

(3) In the proportion field, enter the percentage you want to visit

(4) and click on the add button to add it to the box above

(5) In the table above you will see your sample and then click the OK button.


Step Four

(1) Click on the subpage visit


Step Five

(1) Optionally enable the following page views

(2) The number of subpages visit can specify the maximum and minimum number of visits below the page.

(3) In the Time on Every Page section, you can specify the maximum and minimum time to visit the page below.

Step Six

(1) Click popup


Step Seven

(1) Enable the Enable Pop-up option

(2) And in the Pop-up Proportions section, specify how many sufferings you want to visit simultaneously

(3) and ok


Step Eight

(1) Select the traffic region option


Step Nine

(1) Activate the All option if you would like to visit the whole world

(2) But if you want to visit specific countries, turn on the customized option

(3) and select the country or countries in question

(4) Then press the ok button

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